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West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Horticultural Society

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West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Horticultural Society

2019 Show Awards



Congratulations to all those who took part in this year’s show. Here is a list of the 2019 prize winners.


Furze Trophy            – best kept allotment:   M.Smith

Dr Summers Cup          – most points Class 1-28:  M.Skinner

Knowles Trophy          – most points members flowers: M.Skinner

Jubilee Trophy          – most points home produce: A.Crofts

Sowerby Trophy          – most points floral art:  S.Watson

Pathfinder Trophy       – best floral art exhibit:  S.Watson

Woodhouse Trophy        – most points pot plants: PMcDonnell

Shipstone Trophy        – most points in open classes: M.Skinner

TW Mills Challenge Cup  – most points children: A.Charles

Junior Centenary Cup    – best children’s exhibit: J.Bladock

Ingrid Dickson Trophy   – winner of best fruit cake: L.Dawson

Dahlia Bronze Medal     – best dahlia exhibit:  M.Skinner

Ross Shield             – best fruit exhibit:   A.Martinez

Bass Worthington Trophy – best flower exhibit: M.Skinner

NVS Silver Medal        – best veg in show:  M.Skinner

Centenary Trophy        – most points in show:  M.Skinner

Banksian Medal      – most prize money in hort classes: I Sutton



The Huts

The trading huts are open on Sunday mornings for the sale of compost, fertilisers and chemicals to members. The huts are on the Loughborough Road, Burleigh Road and Stamford Road sites. Membership is open to plot holders and gardeners in Rushcliffe  


West Bridgford & Rushcliffe Horticultural Society    

Membership is open to allotment holders and private gardeners living in Rushcliffe. The society sells fertilisers , compost, pesticides and fungicides. There is a seed scheme with Kings seeds of Colchester which generally gives 40% discount. A show is held early in September with vegetable, flower, floral art, home produce and children’s classes. The society also runs three trips a year to places of interest to gardeners. To join the society go to one of the society huts on Loughborough Road or Stamford Road allotment sites on a Sunday morning.

 Membership;- £2.00 per year, Lie Membership £20.00. Over 60s half price  

C Machin

D H Matthews

T Morrell    

I Seedhouse

I D Sutton *   

M N Talbot *

Chair  Simon Harvey *

Vice Chair  MaryO’Reilly

Secretary  Mr A J Rootham *

Treasurer  Mr R Crofts

Show Secretary   Mrs A Peacock*

 Horticultural Society Committee

The Show

Every year the society organises the annual horticultural show which takes place around the first week of September. We try to maintain a balance of official RHS judging standards with a friendly atmosphere and help for those new to showing.


Every year the society tries to offer three tips to sites around Britain of  horticultural interest. Your continued support is vital for the trips to go ahead. .

* Members of the Show Committee


Best Kept Plot









Fiona Scott *

Helen Houseman